Welcome to my blog of natural curves!

Welcome to my blog of own original scans and Photoshop-restored select pages from mainly Danish Vintage-Erotica Magazines (50s to late 90s) like 'Ugens Rapport', 'Super Rapport', 'Guld Rapport', 'Classic Rapport', 'Pige-Special', 'Cats', 'Express', 'Varieté', 'PinUp', and more. And this was back when hair down below were generally EXISTING (even in pr0n!). Today, pubic hair seems to be mainly a reminder of "a bygone age". Yes, my thoughts exactly: this blog will focuse on such fertile-looking fem's (if I scan a shaved fem, she will most likely have big natural boobs, since I am a boob-man :)). This blog is also dedicated to 'Ugens Rapport', a classic Danish adult magazine sold in amazing 200.000 copies per week during the 70s in Denmark (had its 40th birthday in Feb 2012).
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2014.12.22 • 'Danni Ashe' in BACHELOR (バチェラー) JULY 1996 VOL.20 NO.7 • Set 1 • 12 IMG + 1 BONUS IMG (Ayleen Lapper)

I finally have restored fresh scans of Danni Ashe, my first set ever of the "90s Queen of Slim'n'Curvy" (from THE Japanese 'BACHELOR' mag)! :O

I did a second Scanner Calibration before scanning this set, so the colors are as true to the print source as possible with my current scanner (I only let the scanner apply a calibrated color profile, everything else is handled in Photoshop, so I have full control of the final quality).

I included a BONUS image too....of Ayleen Lapper, from a very HQ glossy page...personally, I believe it is one of the best-looking scans I have released, so far.

Before your eyes hopefully will enjoy the final scans, I want to show a side-by-side comparison below, so you have an idea of the Scanner Calibration Results. Even though the Untouched scan to the left (before calibration) does not actually look that bad, the colors are more flat (or more "lifeless", if you will). The Calibrated scan in the center shows more true colors (and more shadow details), but has a slightly green color-cast which has been removed in the Retouched scan to the right.

Untouched (Before Calibration) Vs Calibrated (Scanner) Vs Retouched (Photoshop)

Bonus Scan of Ayleen Lapper

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