Welcome to my blog of natural curves!

Welcome to my blog of own original scans and Photoshop-restored select pages from mainly Danish Vintage-Erotica Magazines (50s to late 90s) like 'Ugens Rapport', 'Super Rapport', 'Guld Rapport', 'Classic Rapport', 'Pige-Special', 'Cats', 'Express', 'Varieté', 'PinUp', and more. And this was back when hair down below were generally EXISTING (even in pr0n!). Today, pubic hair seems to be mainly a reminder of "a bygone age". Yes, my thoughts exactly: this blog will focuse on such fertile-looking fem's (if I scan a shaved fem, she will most likely have big natural boobs, since I am a boob-man :)). This blog is also dedicated to 'Ugens Rapport', a classic Danish adult magazine sold in amazing 200.000 copies per week during the 70s in Denmark (had its 40th birthday in Feb 2012).
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All scans back up + Hitomi Tanaka photobook samples!!

So, all scans are finally showing again. I tell you this: never change Picasa's album setting 'Edit visibility' from 'Only you' or 'Limited, anyone with link' to 'Public', and then back again to original private album setting. This will change an URL key of all pics in the album, so all pics in the blog are replaced with a "No Pics" sign! The fast way to make the pics appear again in the blog, is to make the Blogger album 'Public', but not ideal with adult content. So, if that's the case, keep e.g. the 'Only you' setting, and then re-add the pics in each blog post with "Compose > Insert image > From this blog". Not any fun, if you have many pics and posts. Luckily, my blog is not the most productive... :P

I was considering making the move to Wordpress, but I have put too many hours into tweaking the current blog, so will continue with it for now. I have basically changed how all scans/links opens: I "fragged" the Lightbox feature (freakin annoyed me, prolly you too?!) so all pics/links now opens in tabs in full size. Also, thumb size of bigger scans are auto-adjusted to full column width of posts.

And my current big scanning project is still ongoing:

I offered (kind of a commission) to scan the limited Japanese Hitomi Tanaka photobook 'X-bomb bomb Hitomi1st. 写真集 (April 25 2012)'. This will most likely be the only project I will ever undertake of its kind again. First of all, the book is bigger than my scanning plate. To make a complete scan of all content, 3 individual scans should be made of two pages and merged in Photoshop (about 226 scans in total to complete the photobook). I did learn a few new tricks with this project, which should benefit my future scans, quality-wise. Still along way to go with restoration, but here are some real-life shots and finished scanned/restored samples for you to enjoy... :)

PS: Since this is sort of a commission, I don't think I will be able to post the full book here, but look out for more samples later... :)


  1. Thanks! These scans are great! More please ;)

  2. Glad you like'em...more on the way soon! :)

  3. Really nice thanks man!

  4. where can i get one

  5. Same question, where can I buy one please?

  6. Only 3000 copies made, so my best bet would be...on ebay (but expect a much higher price than the original Jap price: 3,500 JPY = ~40 USD).

    Here is one:


    Also, I might announce here in my blog when mine is for sale (in early 2013, I expect, when my digital restoration is complete, incl. a few re-scans).

    Happy Holidays 2013! :)

  7. It cracks me up on her instagram account, when some guys say her boobs are NOT real only photoshopped!? There are so many good accounts of her natural Jcup boobs. Good coverage of her dude. She is such a sweet girl with a life that is full of fun and things like everyone else.

  8. Sadly some people just don't seem to appreciate real boobs these days :/ I expect to rescan and replace previous scans of her (maybe add some new ones too), as I tested my latest scanner calibration with a few pages in the Hitomi photobook and it showed some serious improvement (better colours and more shadow details).