Welcome to my blog of natural curves!

Welcome to my blog of own original scans and Photoshop-restored select pages from mainly Danish Vintage-Erotica Magazines (50s to late 90s) like 'Ugens Rapport', 'Super Rapport', 'Guld Rapport', 'Classic Rapport', 'Pige-Special', 'Cats', 'Express', 'Varieté', 'PinUp', and more. And this was back when hair down below were generally EXISTING (even in pr0n!). Today, pubic hair seems to be mainly a reminder of "a bygone age". Yes, my thoughts exactly: this blog will focuse on such fertile-looking fem's (if I scan a shaved fem, she will most likely have big natural boobs, since I am a boob-man :)). This blog is also dedicated to 'Ugens Rapport', a classic Danish adult magazine sold in amazing 200.000 copies per week during the 70s in Denmark (had its 40th birthday in Feb 2012).
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2011.05.23 • As 'Kaly' in Ugens Rapport Nr. 29, 17. juli 1989 18. årgang • Set 1 • 18 IMG

In hindsight, I regret not having started the blog with these older scans from May 2011, as one scan in particular inspired the blog design. :)

The lovely ebony Keli Stewart poses as 'Kaly' here in my first scanned set of her (currently working on restoring set 2 scans). There is also a nice centerfold.

Note: The grains on the blue wall are actually part of the wall (and not degradation of the magazine ;)).


  1. Holy fuck, dudes! Those are some hot vintage photos! 0_0

    1. Thanks, and I agree (of course, lol). Btw, if the lightbox feature (transparent pop-up viewing) is annoying, you can right-click (or 'Ctrl + click') and open the scans in new tab or window to see the full size. Blogger downscales with lightbox activated -_- I think the centerfold might be one of my best scans ever in full size, this one...


      As mentioned in post, I started restoring a 2nd set of Keli not long ago which will hopefully be finished in the near future.