Welcome to my blog of natural curves!

Welcome to my blog of own original scans and Photoshop-restored select pages from mainly Danish Vintage-Erotica Magazines (50s to late 90s) like 'Ugens Rapport', 'Super Rapport', 'Guld Rapport', 'Classic Rapport', 'Pige-Special', 'Cats', 'Express', 'Varieté', 'PinUp', and more. And this was back when hair down below were generally EXISTING (even in pr0n!). Today, pubic hair seems to be mainly a reminder of "a bygone age". Yes, my thoughts exactly: this blog will focuse on such fertile-looking fem's (if I scan a shaved fem, she will most likely have big natural boobs, since I am a boob-man :)). This blog is also dedicated to 'Ugens Rapport', a classic Danish adult magazine sold in amazing 200.000 copies per week during the 70s in Denmark (had its 40th birthday in Feb 2012).
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2011.06.04 • As 'Carrie' in Ugens Rapport Nr. 49. 4. december 1989. 18. årgang. • Set 1 • 6 IMG

I believe Carrie Simpson is the first fiery redhead in the blog. About time, I'd say! :) My 1st and currently only scanned/restored set of her. She seems kinda dirty (literally) in these scans, but it might be due to degradation of the magazine or just the style of the shots. Maybe it's even a tan? :|

'Carrie' might not have the biggest boobs on the block, but for me she is right up there with the most delicious, sexy fems ever to have been published. I also cannot recall to have seen a more fine specimen of her type online (or maybe due to bad memory). A slim, "full of hair", natural redhead. Sometimes, this is just all you need...and to forget about everything else :O

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